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Population Change

Population clocks

Make notes on the information below

Key terms:

Key term


Crude Birth rate

Crude Death rate

Fertility rate

Child mortality rate

Infant mortality rate

life expectancy

natural increase

Patterns in births, mortality and deaths:

Use the graphs to describe and explain the patterns and trends for each population indicator.

Patterns of population


Population pyramids


Responses to high and low fertility

Japan - Ageing population:

Tasks for 10.9.14:
1) Use the resources below to create a case study on the causes and effects (both positive and negative, long and short term) of Japan's ageing population.

Worldfactbook data can provide useful facts and figures on Japan's population structure

Is Japan's population set to become extinct?

Wider World: Japan's ageing population.

2) In groups of 4-5 create a time line for a country with either an anti or pro natalist policy. Each group must do a different country. The timeline will be displayed in the classroom so should be fairly large and have diagrams (population pyramids for example), This should include the events leading to the need to implement a policy and the positive and negative outcomes. The resources below will start you off but you can find more in the IB text books and Planet Geography in Mr Bell's room.

Pro and Anti Natalist policies:

Yicheng - No one child policy



Singapore pro natalist policy

Movement responses - migration


Where in the world is everyone going?

Types of migration:

1) Read the personal accounts. How are they similar and different from one another?

2) Define forced migration and create a mind map of different types, Add examples.

3) Define voluntary migration

Forced migration - Syria

Rural to urban migration

Internal Migration - China

understanding China's migration
Migration figures for China - The Economist
On the Move - WSJ 2008
'I work from 8am to 8pm. I had to leave my two year old son behind' - The Guardian 6.7.08
China's Workers return to the cities

Create an infographic to summarise the causes, patterns and trends of internal migration in China.
You must include:
1) A map of China'a provinces showing numbers of migration and patterns;
2) A timeline of migration in China
3) reference to at least one model of migration.


International Migration Resources



Gender and Change

Cover work 14th October 2015.
Use the task sheet below to complete the A3 gender and change document.


Employment - Emirates- wider reading