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Atmosphere and Change


Soil and Change

Soil Properties

Water and Change

In this section you need to know:

  • How water is made use of at the regional scale
  • The environmental and human factors that affect patterns and trends in physical and environmental water scarcity
  • The factors affecting access to safe drinking water.

Create a table:

What i've learnt
What I need to know more about

Start by defining the key terms needed for this topic:

Water and change in the Middle East resources


Biodiversity and change

Year 12 - tasks for 11th June 2015
1) Watch the village hub video and add to your notes about Masarang
2) Sketch the sustainability quadrant in your notes. In each box, evaluate the extent to which the Masarang Foundation Project meets the objective of each aspect of sustainability
3) Write 500 words to answer: 'The Masarang Project is a sustainable solution to deforestation' Discuss this statement.
Remember to consider, all aspects of sustainability and the chances of its success on a global scale.