Measuring global interactions
Global Participation

•Global core and periphery
Describe and evaluate one of the following two globalization indices: the AT Kearney index or the KOF index, as a measure of global interaction. Describe how the globalization index may be represented spatially.

Discuss the spatial pattern of global interactions through the mapping of core areas at the focus of interaction (network hubs/nodes), the peripheries and areas relatively unaffected by these interactions.
What is globalisation?
Write your own definition for globalisation.
Now compare it to the IB definition. What are the similarities and differences?

The KOF index: Measuring global participation.
Complete the tasks identified in the powerpoint using the two resources below.

Global Core and Periphery
In groups identify 12 'world cities' based on:
1. Global Finance Centres.
2. Countries with the highest number of McDonald's restaurants.
3. Number of mobile phones in use.
4. Internet users.
5. Busiest passenger airports.
6. Tourism receipts (US$)

Use the information from Greenfield Geography to sketch a diagram to represent each of the 3 models of world systems analysis.