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Globalisation and glocalisation


Adoption of globalisation

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: "When trading entities or groups are engaged in business or profit-making activities".

1) Find an image for each of the following scenarios: Rural HIC, Rural MIC, Rural LIC; Urban HIC, Urban MIC, Urban LIC.

2) Annotate to show examples of globalisation through HOMOGENISATION, INCREASE IN FLOWS OF INFO/GOODS/PEOPLE, CULTURAL DIFFUSION, GLOCALISATION, and also examples where local cultural tradition and identity have been retained.

3) Can you explain why certain local-scale areas have a greater extent of globalisation than others? This should be an overall summary of the different processes we have considered so far in Global Interactions.

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Local Responses to Globalisation

Civil society adoption of global goods, services and ideas - trade as a way of increasing development and promoting low-level anti-globalisation traits.

1) What is tradecraft?

Plan the following essay title - "Traidcraft promotes globalisation rather than rejects it. Discuss this statement (15 marks)".

Include the following: Opening statement / Argument(s) for plus examples / Argument(s) against plus examples / Exceptions or developed ideas / Concluding statement.

Costs and benefits of globaisation.

Create a table of costs and benefits based on all of your knowledge. Divide these up into impacts for different groups of people.

Check your ideas against

What examples of Civil Society have we looked at? Think about their actions that we have studied.


Civil Society: Any organisation or movement that works in the area between the household, the private sector and the state to negotiate matters of public concern.

Trade Union: An organisation where workers have grouped together in order to achieve common goals. This might be improved pay, better safety, longer holidays, protection from lawsuits, etc.

1. Describe how each of these organisations works to raise awareness of GLOBAL or LOCAL issues (either ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL or CULTURAL). Explain your ideas using examples.

2. How successful are these groups in SUPPORTING LOCAL ECONOMIES and STRENGTHENING LOCAL CULTURAL VALUES? Can you argue for and against?

Contemporary non-globalised society

What are the requirements for social 'wellbeing'?

What is the quality of life for the Akah People of Northern Thailand?