Measurements of regional and global disparities

What do we expect?

Single index measurements

HDI - Composite measurements

Correlations - spearman's rank

Happy Planet Index


What are the limitations to the current ways of measuring progress?

What do people consider to be important in life?

How can this be measured?

What is the relationship between ecological footprint and happy life years?

How have Costa Rica achieved success in this new measurement of progress?

How should countries be aiming to achieve improve HPI?

The Origins of disparities

Continental Scale: Why is Africa the poorest continent?

BBC News: Why is the African Continent Poor?

How do trade blocs affect Africa?

Origins of disparities in the Philippines

Examine the progress made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in poverty reduction, education and health.

MDG progress class map

Lesson Wednesday 26.11.14

DG 15 mark answer example

Summary of progress



Reduction of Global Disparities

Core and Periphery Theory

Watch the video and make notes on the key points relating to core and periphery theory.