Hazard: a threat (whether natural or human) that can cause loss of life, injury, property damage, socio economic disruption or environmental degradation.

disaster: a major hazard that causes widespread disruption with significant demographic, economic and / or environmental losses, and which the affected community is unable to deal with adequately without outside help.

1) When is a disaster NOT a disaster?

2) Stages in a disaster: p221 course companion.

Apply each of these stages to your hazard case studies. Use evidence to support each one.

3) Why did so many people die in Haiti?

3) Use
http://imgur.com/a/KdyTV#0 EM-DAT and your case study notes to create a mind map for the following question:

Examine the ways in which the intensity and impacts of disasters vary in time and spacedisaster hotzones-resized-600.jpg